Important Announcment by Mark the Dark

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Important Announcment by Mark the Dark

New postby mark the dark on Fri Aug 24, 2012 2:24 pm

Hellow, fellow Sailor Gals'n'Lads!

In this thread here, I'll inform you about any Forum related news.

For starters: I've created an Archive section, where we can move old stuff, that would be kinda in the way for the new, refreshed, active, horny and sweaty board, but that we wanna keep.

first thing I moved there is the Bitzcore section, since the website is down anyway. but maybe some of you have still open queries, or want to go there for ole'times sake, so we will not delete the section.

please feel free to post here and discuss what other sections we can or should move.

A request for the Modders and Admins:
Please DO NOT move or delete anything without contacting me first! (applies of course not for normal spambot posts, porn, nazistuff etc, please remove these immediately as always, thanks!)

Mark the Dark
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