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Shit to do in Oslo 2015

New postby Dickfish on Wed Aug 05, 2015 9:52 pm

Hello homos,

I figured I should add the list here as I just wrote it on facebook, also so people can add to it without it being destroyed by spam...

Just write the name after the colon on Facebook and you will find the places!

For drinking and quite probably meeting jugends: Skuret
For eating really good burgers: Illegal Burger
For more good burger and possiblity to meet Sara Matsdotter at her workplace: Døgnvill Bar & Burger
For further more burgers and being 3.5 minutes from me: GRILL'S VILLE
For metal, and the best raindeer ass in scandinavia: Kniven
For good late and very late night eating: Cafe Sara
For vegetarian/vegan food and usually some good music: Cafe Mono
For awesome craftbeer: Crow Bryggeri
For a good place to stay: Citybox Oslo
For a place to stay that might throw you out because you scream out of the window: Anker Hostel
For karaoke cinema and general fun times: SYNG
For the best coffee that money can buy (globally, seriously): Tim Wendelboe Kaffe
For an awesome view: Holmenkollen
For some good fish: Lofoten Fiskerestaurant
For more good craft beer: Dr. Jekylls Pub
For tattoos: Lucky 7
For buying records: råkk og rålls
For awesome pizza (Try the one with pumpkin cream instead of tomato sauce): MAMMA pizza
For some sweet hangout spot: Dattera til Hagen
For cheap beer: Skuret & Stargate
For the best Tiki-bar in the world (Where Linnéa Gustafsson works!): Aku Aku Tiki Bar
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Re: Shit to do in Oslo 2015

New postby Knutsen on Thu Nov 19, 2015 1:29 pm

Nice! Thanks a lot!

Whats up on 21NOV? Any pre show party/action?
I'm gonna stay at the Anker hostel.
Fuck you very much from San Francisco
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