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New postby Paul von Rotten on Tue Apr 10, 2012 7:27 pm

Neutron and I started Turbojugend Fort Collins because we loved Turbonegro, we loved to party and we wanted sweet denim jackets to show that to people. We thought we were the only ones in town who would be into it. Boy were we wrong. We had seven members in the first month. All seven of us flew to see Turbonegro in LA. None of us had jackets yet. Someone said that when you don't have a jacket, you don't really feel like you are totally part of the whole deal. That was our experience. 
     When Nate and I got our kuttes we were like kids. We wore them everywhere everyday. Eventually more jackets came, more road trips happened, events were planned, friends were made, I made the first t-shirts. Our membership grew and it got to the point where we did not really know the new folks who wanted to join. Old members started to get disinterested. Nate and I decided to close our membership to keep it like a family with the idea that new local chapters would start. That did happen but I think we alienated people as well. There were people who just didn't get it and didn't like the whole thing. Maybe they were jealous, let's just say that not everybody digs Turbojugend. We did our thing anyway. 
   When Chuck joined he had some good ideas so I put him in charge of shirts and stuff. He was good at it but he also overstepped some bounds and occasionally I felt like I had to reel him in like a good president should. I really like that he has gotten our name out in the world and it's rad when I see a TJFC shirt or patch on someone I don't know. I didn't feel so rad when I saw tj.net last week. I was livid. My first reaction "get this clown outta my crew he's fucking it up for everyone"  Instead of reacting I started to find out a little more about what is going on. 
     I moved to Denver a year ago and handed over the presidency to Neutron. The Denver jugend has never been active so I tried starting a chapter TJ Lakeside. It was a lengthy and frustrating process. Between that and the possibility of having to wait over a year for a jacket, I lost steam. Even when the band reformed with Tony singing, it felt like Turbojugend was on the wane. It's bummed me out. 
     TJFC is more than just a fan club to me. It's like my family. As we have gone through the years we have shared weddings, births and a funeral or two. We are connected and we always will be. With or without jackets. All the flair is nice but it's the people that matter. I hope that every chapter gets to have that. I am sure the St. Pauli flagship chapter does. I can also identify with what they must be thinking right now "who the fuck are these clowns? They're fucking it up for everyone. "
    Chuck is my friend. He overstepped again. He said some stupid things. I doubt he could "hack" his way into a warm loaf of bread. I can't reel him back in. I wouldn't if I could. The moonshiners started something that needed to happen. I trust their motives. I'm sorry people feel threatened. I wish things would have been handled a little more gingerly. I hope that this all gets resolved. I really want St. Pauli to show the way as they have in the past. 

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